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Family Law Office of James H Rayner opens at 511 Princess St. Woodstock, Ontario,

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Separation and divorce. These words may make you feel like your life is coming apart, bring anxiety, frustration, and confusion about where your life is going and what the future holds. James Rayner can help you through this process. more info



I can help answer your questions, and guide you through the process of resolving issues which arise when a relationship breaks down, including child custody, access, child and spousal support, and the division or equalization of property. more info

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James Rayner Barrister & Solicitor, Family Law, Woodstock Ontario, encompasses a broad range of issues which arise as a consequence of Canadian federal and Ontario provincial legislation. The legislation sets out the principles governing the rights and bligations of spouses, whether by virtue of marriage or a common law relationship, and enforceable at law. The following list identifies several of the issues which may arise in the context of Family Law. Divorce, Separation, Equalization and division of property, Child custody and access, Proving ( or defending ) claims of Paternity, Child support, Spousal support, Restraining orders, Traveling with minors, Variation of Agreements and Court Orders, Adoption, Cohabitation Agreements, Marriage Contracts, and Separation Agreements, Support enforcement by the Family Responsibility Office, International enforcement of orders pursuant to the Hague Convention, Child protection proceedings pursuant to the Child and Family Services Act, Applications for change of name, Issues arising in Family Law may, in some instances, be dealt with by way of a domestic contract, namely, a Cohabitation, Agreement, a Marriage Contract, a Separation Agreement, or a Paternity Agreement which has been negotiated between, the parties and enforceable at law. The issues may be addressed also by way of a court proceeding in the Superior Court of Justice or in the Ontario Court of Justice. The court proceedings are governed by a special set of Rules which have been developed specifically for Family Law: The Family Law Rules.

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